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Once you Fall, you Just Can't Stop

If you are a runway model, then watch this video so you can learn what NEVER to do on the runway. If you are not a runway model, then watch this video to laugh your ass off at the garbarrassment that ensues.

Click Here To See Once you Fall you Just Can't Stop

Handicapped Soccer Match

Sometimes in life, people think it's funny to do stupid shit. In this video, we show you a very good example of how this can happen. At the same time, we also demonstrate how it is possible to lose respect for an entire country's sense of humor. Do enjoy this fantastic video.

Click Here To See Greatest Prank Ever

Greatest Prank Ever

In this video, we present to you one of the greatest pranks ever created, mixed with some nice music, and a nice big garbarrassment at the very end. Do enjoy!

Click Here To See Greatest Prank Ever

Female Mike Tyson

If Mike Tyson grew a vagina, he would become the woman in this video. Watch as he/she destroys her opponent and then dances around the ring, mocking the woman she just demolished. This female manish beast deserves to rub it in. After all her opponent is utterly garbarrassing.

Click Here To See Female Mike Tyson

Olympic Bloopers

Watch in amazement as the best athletes in the world give miserable performances. Just goes to show us that even the best in the world sometimes give garbarrassing performances. Do enjoy this wonderful video.

Click Here To See Olympic Bloopers

Dog Tries to Box

In this video, we see police officers training a dog to box. Although it is quite adorable, it is also very stupid. If you are a police force, your job is to protect and serve, not fuck around with dogs all day. Where training a dog to box may be funny on the surface, it is quite sad that this is what the police are doing in their spare time. Just remember, while robberies, murders, rapes, and other crimes are happening, these policemen are watching/training a dog to stand on two feet and box. Congratulations to this police squad. You are officially garbarrassing.

Click Here To See A Dog Boxing

Midgets Gone Wild

What is better than little people throwing down? Not much my friends...Not much at all. Please do enjoy :).

Click Here To See Midgets Gone Wild

News Bloopers

Sometimes,even professional reporters give garbarrassing performances. Here is a lovely video of news reporters at their very worst.

Click Here To See News Bloopers

A New Low

What is the smartest thing you can possibly do when smoking pot? The answer is film yourself while doing it, and then post it on the internet so everyone can see how intelligent and funny you are. This video demonstrates why we have just reached a brand new all-time low.

Click Here To See A New Low

First WNBA Fight!

This a video of the first WNBA fight ever with a twist you can only find here at! Click below to watch and please do enjoy.

Click Here To See First WNBA Fight

Straight Guy Interrupted by Gay Clown

You don't see this very often. What happens when a straight guy is forced to work at a gay festival? Watch this video to find out!

Click Here To See Straight Guy Interupted by Gay Clown

A Stupid Crazy Woman

Some girls from Atlanta happen to be absolutely insane. Fortunately, the woman in this video takes everything to a whole new lever. Enjoy this lovely video of the woman who is complete garbage, and is extraordinarily embarrassing.

Click Here To View The Stupid Crazy Girl

Japanese Garbarrashow

This is a video of one of the greatest game shows produced in the history of television. You will certainly agree that these Japanese people are extremely garbarrassing, especially the guy dressed in red. They will clearly do anything just so they can show off their mediocre skills on television, hoping to get a taste of fame.

Click Here To View The Japanese Garbarrashow!

The Show Off

Just as this garbarrassing man is about to finish a very long bicycle marathon, he decides to celebrate by showing off his amazing skills, finishing the race, without hands on his bike. Now I know you are thinking: "Captain, that sounds pretty cool. So why is this man completely garbarrassing?" Well my friend, watch and find out.

Click Here To View The Show Off!

F- Pole Dancing

A little piece of advice for all of our viewers. If you suck at something to the point where it's actually pretty damn funny, please show off your skills to this person.

Click Here To View F- Pole Dancing!

Billy Donovan's Big Moment

After winning the NCAA championship, Billy Donovan gets his moment in the spotlight. Watch as this douche makes a fool of himself in front of all his B- fans.

Click Here To View Billy Donovan's Big Moment!

World's Strongest Man

Watch as this genius attempts to bring honor to his family by stopping a giant falling tree with his bare hands!!!

Click Here To View World's Strongest Man!

Televised Marriage Proposal:

This video is just fantastic. After watching this man lay it all on the line, you will understand what it truly means to be involved in a garbarrassing situation. See for yourself!

Click Here To View Marriage Proposal!

Lions Boning:

This video was filmed by a friend of Captain G who is currently living in Africa. He went on a safari to film animal porn, and A+ to him for catching this on tape! Watching 2 cats doing doggy has never been hotter!

Click Here To View Lions Boning!

I'm the Juggernaut!:

Hopefully some of you already have had the pleasure of viewing this video. Whoever dubbed over this Xmen cartoon gets two thumbs up with a giant erection from Captain Garbarrassing.

Click Here To View The Juggernaut!

A Crazy Stupid Bitch:

They forced the six craziest, sluttiest, and meanest bitches they could possibly find to live in a house together. Based in Las Vegas, this is a clip made from episodes of the mediocre television show and stars the most biggest, fattest, and ignorant woman you have ever seen. Yes, she is VERY garbarrassing.

Click Here To View A Crazy Stupid Bitch!

Passed Out Bitches:

Captain Garbarrassing frowns upon those who drink heavily and pass out with their shoes on.
DISCLAIMER: This video is loud, obnoxious, and only for those with a very tolerant sense of humor.

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