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To all who want to be constantly entertained,

Welcome to!!! Right now we are in the beginning stages of development, so be sure to browse with an open mind.

So where to start? First let’s get the buzzwords out there… There is a lot of garbage and embarrassment in the world today. There are people, companies, ideas, and lots more that really makes the human race seem quite…well…GARBARRASSING. For example, take a look at corporate America. They dish out millions of dollars in paychecks to countless people who sit at a desk and get paid to surf the internet from 9 to 5 (Not to mention, they unknowingly have been paying us to make this website). Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, CollegeHumor, Google, hell these might as well be skill sets listed on our resumes! has a mission: to call out each and every thing in this world that is Garbarrassing in order to provide endless entertainment for all who come see us. We’re not here to be part of the solution. We’re just here to point out the problem. We will criticize anything that we feel deserves it, and we don’t plan on discriminating between anything or anyone. Unfortunately we have come to the realization that there’s no stopping people from being extremely Garbarrassing…so we decided to make the best of it. If you’re going to burn your eyes out at your computer screen, you may as well just sit back, relax, and let us make it a truly rewarding experience.

For now, just go with it. Help us out by submitting any stories or material you have that is garbarrassing. Let’s make a deal: If you, viewers and (hopefully) loyal fans, promote and traffic this site enough for us to quit our day-jobs, then we pledge to spend every waking minute providing you with the most garbarrassing, hilarious, and distracting website you will ever find on the net.

That’s right bitches. You heard correctly. We’re sitting down next to you on Monday morning, we’re holding your hand, and i’ll be damned if we leave before Saturday. Unless you’re working overtime.

-Editor in Chief,

Captain Garbarrassing