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Rant #6


Bluetooths in Public

Written by BluetoothKILLER | March 11, 2008

Potentially the most embarrassing bullshit ever. It's one thing to drive around and use a bluetooth to talk on the phone. I think that's actually a great invention. But when I see someone at a restaurant, a bar, or walking around work with a bluetooth in their ear I just want to grab their throat and rip their fucking head off or beat them repeatedly until blood is spewing everywhere and theyre screaming and everyone around is screaming and im still beating their face in like its...ok, took some more pills, sorry about that, I digress. Those people better watch out, because if I see this shit another 13 or 14 more times I'm just going to snap!

Captain Garbarrassing's Response:

Youre 100% dead-on, bluetooth is garbarrassment at its finest! One loyal viewer who works for Motorola was kind enough to show us how the invention originated.

But BluetoothKILLER, you're kindof really really scaring us. We've filled out a restraining order in advance because this next invention might push you over the edge. Enjoy!

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Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier
NEVER trust someone wearing a bluetooth... they are an easedropping SPY!

But then I got to thinking maybe I too should wear a bluetooth... maybe then people would stop judging me when I talk to myself
or even better I could ignore everyone because if I am cool enough to wear a bluetooth then I sure as hell am too cool to have time to talk to you!

#1 - deafinately too cool - 05/18/2008 - 12:27
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