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$20000 Cell Phone Covers

By Captain Garbarrassing | November 14, 2008

It would seem that Christmas is just around the corner, and right about now, people are starting to look for the perfect gift to get their lover, child, best friend, and family. Fortunately for you, did a little research and found the perfect gift that you can buy for someone who has an iPHONE: An iPHONE Case.

We are not talking about an ordinary iPHONE case! We are talking about the iPHONE case shown above. This masterpiece, gold plated and diamond encrusted, is only $20000 (seriously)!!!! Why donate a few thousand dollars to a charity and save thousands lives or help thousands of people/animals when you can buy (or a friend) your very own $20000 iPHONE case?

Aside from being well worth the $20000, this creation has many useful applications. For starters, by seeing the diamonds shine from afar, people can tell that you are the idiot who actually bought the $20000 iPHONE case. In other words, you will instantly become the center of attention! Additionally, if you love getting robbed and/or held up at gun point, you can be sure it will happen when you talk on your iPHONE in any major city. This iPHONE case also comes with an "everyone will steal it whenever you put it down" guarrantee. What more could you possibly want?

Enough of the sarcasm. I honestly tried, and I can't think of a worse way to spend $20000. If you are considering buying this, please donate the money to charity instead, you will be doing the world and yourself a HUGE favor. God help the garbarrassing person who buys this. -Captain G

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