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It's NOT Comcastic

By Captain Garbarrassing | July 21, 2008

Ever since its birth in 1963 Comcast has managed to grow into one of the most prominent cable companies in the United States. Now this fact lead to only one question. How did this company possibly manage to become such a powerful American television and internet company? The answer is marketing. Comcast's commercials and promotions make it seem like a great company on the surface. More importantly, Comcast set up shop in places where competition was scarce. In other words, they placed hubs in locations where no other company offered a decent cable or internet service, practically forcing people living in those areas to use Comcast. Unfortunately, this company has spread across the country like a malignant tumor, offering terrible reception for its internet and cable services. Not only is it pricy at over $100 a month for its premier package, but based on feedback from many customers, there are also problems with the reception. We have heard complaints about losing sound for minutes at a time, television shows freezing periodically, and even losing reception completely. We even have a story of a customer who lost reception right before the superbowl!!

Comcast's internet service is worse than its cable. People lose their connection multiple times a month for days at a time!!! Usually, when one experiences problems with a service, they can count on customer service to fix the problem.Unfortunately, this is not the case with the number one provider of cable services in America. In fact, Comcast has the worst customer service we have ever seen. They will put you on hold for up to an hour, hang up on you, and after calling back several times they will tell you they can have the problem fixed in a week and offer you no refund unless you ask.

If this company didn't practically have a monopoly on cable services in America, it would be only two years before it had no customers left. We have yet to meet just one satisfied customer and probably won't find one in the near future. Comcast is garbarrassing, and we pray another cable company can rise up and save us from this monstrosity.

I believe we are done here.

-Captain Garbarrassing

-Captain G

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#3 - WEBSTERJanell22 - 08/30/2011 - 16:41
Agreed, its nasty.
#2 - oogle boogle - 09/08/2008 - 21:29
Comcast is utter shit.

Unfortunately there is not a single other cable provider in this area, as you mentioned above.

Also from what I've been told, Comcast has begun the shady practice of blocking particular websites of the torrent variety, and has been reported to periodically reset your modem at random times, if they find you to be accessing an MMORPG.

Anyways, fuck Comcast.
#1 - Dan - 08/31/2008 - 19:28
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