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People Who Earn Money by Exploiting Religion

By Captain Garbarrassing | March 11, 2008

I am not here to say religion is bad and god doesn't exist. I am only here to make people more aware of some facts that are hidden behind a thick curtain of hope and beliefs. Some of you may find this hard to believe, but throughout the history of mankind, religion has been constantly used as a tool to suck money out of all it's followers. From indulgences (paying money to be forgiven by god) to membership fees, religion provides multiple ways for the greedy to take advantage of people's fears, dreams, and most of all, money. I am certainly not saying that the goal of all religious orginizations is to deceive people in order to earn money. I am just saying it has happened for centuries in the past and has continued to happen, even now. Take Scientology for example, some assbag created this religion a few years ago. He set up a whole organization, got some followers, and charged a bunch of money for membership. If you really think about this, it probably won't take you long to realize the parallels between starting a religion, and starting a business. Both provide a service, charge money for it, and market their service so that their customers believe in the legitimacy of the product. Clearly, the comfort, the joy of being a part of the community, and people's true belief that their religion is the right one, completely mask the fact that religious organizations are very similar to businesses. Therefore, to all religious organizations out there: I think you are quite garbarrassing for charging any money to make profit from your members. If you believe so strongly in your scriptures, then you should provide everything at cost, not to make a profit. Now let me tell you what is even more garbarrassing than that. Sometimes, people believe so strongly in their religion (or see they can make money from religion themselves) that they too try to profit off the faith of others. Recently, I came across this website selling Jesus paraphernalia. The person who made this site, is probably going to hell because he is much too garbarrassing to go any other place. To be honest I have never seen religion exploited this atrociously in all my life. Apparently, Jesus wants to help teach you martial arts! If you just loooove Jesus so much that you'd invite him to your pickup soccer game, then this is for you! Check out some Inspirational Jesus Sports Statues!!! There are three pages of these amaaaaazing things - theyre the best $25 you'll ever waste... It is actually advertised as "A wonderful way to reinforce Jesus 'as friend' in everyday activities." I hope I got my point accross. Feel free to disagree, but when it comes to religion, just make sure your its not dipping too much into your budget.
Otherwise, you too are garbarrassing.

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